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I'm like, well, I don't have to mop at home," he says, laughing now.

"Then the dude I was camping with got really agitated and when we were packing up ripped all the pegs and poles out and just had the tent collapse on me when I was inside. On the way home someone spewed on the bus and the teacher made me clean up the spew." This year's ticket price (9) includes all meals and access to a tuckshop.

"It's one of the oldest bakeries in Brisbane, dating back to 1970.

They still use the same pie trays and cake moulds so you'll notice everything is a little smaller then modern times.

If you're heading to Brisbane for a tropical weekend of indulgence, there are a few institutions you simply have to visit.

A lot of the best food, drinks and company will take you off the beaten track, so don't be afraid to rent a car and hit the road.

Heck, they serve beer out of a shipping container that's emblazoned with a faded 4XXXX Gold logo. ""Barebones Barbers in Morningside is great," says Patience.

Kids run around playing footy with empty coke bottles and lifers bring their own ice boxes filled with home-brand soft drinks even on nine degree nights. "It's an original barber shop run by fresh young blokes.

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The vision is Patterson's and the DVFC attempts to mirror the ultimate school camp experience, minus the bullies and the teachers.