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NET Core meta-package and removing any references to older EF Core runtime packages.

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Besides addressing important feedback from customers using this preview, we will continue fixing bugs and finalizing a few remaining 2.0 features, such as the overhaul of EF Core’s logging and diagnostics infrastructure and the work to integrate that into Azure Application Insights.

The roadmap for EF Core 2.0 has been update to reflect current status and plans.

An optional array of strings that will be passed as arguments to the connection factory type constructor.

If omitted, the specified project’s configuration file is used.

On the tooling side, we updated our command line and Package Manager Console tools to support new application initialization patterns used in ASP. From the perspective of new features, we have made some progress closing the functionality gap between EF Core and EF6 as well as implemented new capabilities only available in the Core version.

For the complete set of enhancements and bug fixes included in EF Core 2.0 Preview 1, see the release notes.

Specifies the name of a connection string to use from the application’s configuration file.

If omitted, the context’s default connection will be used.

Manual or explicitly compiled query APIs have been available in previous versions of EF and also in LINQ to SQL to allow applications to cache the translation of queries so that they can be computed only once and executed many times.

Although in general EF Core can automatically compile and cache queries based on a hashed representation of the query expressions, this mechanism can be used to obtain a small performance gain by bypassing the computation of the hash and the cache lookup, allowing the application to use an already compiled query through the invocation of a delegate.

Updates the database to the current model by applying pending migrations.