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Bullethead is at the end of his rope when his dog gets impounded and he doesn't have the cash to bail him out.Meanwhile, Cedric gets the boot from his mama's apartment and looks to Steve for a place to live.

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Romeo and Bullethead turn to Steve for help with the homecoming dance, while Cedric joins a video-dating service.Sophia wins the role of Juliet in the school's production of "Romeo and Juliet," but Romeo is not chosen to play opposite her as his own namesake.So he decides to make some beautiful new music with Regina.Meanwhile, Bullethead decides to quit school to work full time at his new job in the mall."Xena, the Warrior Principal," beats the stuffing out of a too-fresh chicken mascot at a basketball game.

Also, Romeo and Bullethead enroll in a dance class.Darrin fears that his mother is going to die, Cedric volunteers to be a "big brother" to a fatherless teenage boy and tries to get Steve involved in the organization.Note: This is the first episode in which the Steve Harvey Show logo is shown for an opening scene.Also, Romeo and his mother tries to consult Sara, Bullethead and Sophia parrot-nap a rival school's mascot about what to do with Don.Cedric falls in love with Regina's new 'round-the-way' secretary Lovita Alizé Jenkins after Sara and Sophia left to go to college.Now Romeo must deal with watching another man play Romeo to Sophia's Juliet.