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Read more Datum goes beyond user data and into big industries such as health and niches such as smart car data.If a company like Facebook doesn't pivot and create a more decentralized environment, then they will be disrupted just like the VC industry has been.

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We are based in Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong and combine the best of these worlds: Swiss Quality with Singaporean efficiency and Hong Kong's Dynamism.With over 15 years customer service experience in high-tech, finance, events management, hotel management, international conferences, and a stint in the educational field, Christiana enjoys fostering positive relations amongst people of diverse backgrounds.This technology allows anyone to backup structured data like social network data, data from wearables, smart home and other IOT devices in a secure, private and anonymous manner.If the user opts-in, the Datum App can extract digital receipts from their email inbox.German Centres combine offices, advice and networks - with German DNA and local flair.

In a well-managed organisation, you will find the office that suits your needs and grows with you.

The right mix of fertilizers specific to a region and crop can be the difference between feast or famine.

Poor farmers in developing countries can not afford to pay for soil analysis on their own.

At this point the Datum Network will consist of the decentralized Storage Layer, the Datum App, Open API's to submit and consume data and a full fledged trading system.

Our team has over 100 years experience building large scale data processing and management systems.

in Cynthia kick-started her entrepreneur journey when she was in her mid-20’s by taking over an education business which was sold after her three years operation.