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It seems her urge to become the next Zoella has somewhat stalled. Well, as recently as this summer she was still touring with that she found both music and acting "difficult industries to be in".

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“It is already the world’s most high-profile royal family and Meghan’s links with show business and activism should mean that the charitable activities of the younger royals enjoy a global profile that is even wider.“The monarchy seems in safe hands because of the popularity of their grandchildren as well as their remarkable charitable work and the succession is assured.Mc Knight said that after the shoot, the princess asked him, “What would you do with my hair if I gave you free rein?” and he told her, “I would cut it all off.” He highlighted how the cut soon became the style that every woman wanted: “You saw it everywhere — on the High Street, on newsreaders — it was a real counterpoint to big Eighties hair, part of a sportier, more androgynous look, but, because it was Princess Diana, it was still hugely feminine.” As her hair stylist, Mc Knight spent quite a bit of time with Diana.Instead, the quirky singer landed with fellow Sony subsidiary, RCA.

Her debut album "I co-wrote a song with Chris Braide called 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' and there's a line in there about a tainted cherry tree and I found it very poetic," Vickers said, speaking about the album's title. Only five series in, it was drawing huge viewing figures, with the finale notching a whopping 14 million viewers.Arguably, that season also brought us some of the show's most memorable (and successful) contestants in the shape of Ruth Lorenzo, JLS, Alexandra Burke and Diana Vickers.“I saw Diana every week when I was in London — we’d often watch Channel 4 soap Brookside at the palace together while I was doing her hair and I went on a number of her official trips.” He also detailed how Diana was “fascinated” with his work with supermodels and asked if she could meet Linda Evangelista and Vogue’s editor at the time, Liz Tilberis.It was when he spoke to Evangelista and Tilberis that they realised one shot from the shoot earlier in the week “would make a great Vogue cover.” “In the end, this iconic image of her in a black turtleneck with short hair, resting her chin on her hands, was the cover in December 1991.This would be the first of many West End roles for Diana.