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This database (at present) includes records from the old Newcastle District (Cobourg) Gaol, the Whitby (Ontario County) Gaol, the Hastings County (Belleville) Gaol, the Home District (York, Peel, Ontario Counties) Gaol, the York - Peel County Gaol, the Woodstock (Oxford County) Gaol, the Welland County Gaol, the Lennox-Addington County Gaol at Napanee, the Lincoln County Gaol at St.

Catharines, the Brockville (Johnstown District) Gaol, the Chatham (Kent County) Gaol, the Halton County Gaol at Milton, the Kitchener (Waterloo County) Gaol, the Windsor (Essex County) Gaol, the Owen Sound (Grey County) Gaol, the Picton (Prince Edward County) Gaol, the Stratford (Perth County) Gaol, the Cayuga in Haldimand County, the Brampton (York-Peel County) Gaol, the Victoria County (Lindsay) Gaol and the Guelph (Wellington County) Gaol.

Sylvester Brown, an American lumberman from Rochester, was held as a 'debtor' at the Chatham jail for eighteen months in late 1850's.

in a jail close to home, there were also those individuals who were in jails a long way from their family homes; persons who could not adapt to the harsh life, constant labor and ill treatment they may have experienced on the pioneer family farm, and made their way to towns where they start over, often ending up on the wrong side of the law. The Cobourg Jail (Gaol) was probably quite typical of early Upper Canada prison facilities. (2) The Criminal's "Apartment" One long table, two cooking stoves and pipes, nine rugs, sixteen blankets, seven bedticks, six bedsteads. In other parts of the building there was found: Five common stoves, three tables, fifteen chairs and Judge's chair, chest belonging to Clerk of the Peace, five good padlocks, eighteen bad! These up-and-coming white musicians combine hillbilly country music, with the '50s R&B sound of African American artists.

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Brown has numerous sketches in his 'autobiography' including the jail turn-key assaulting an old insane woman (examination of the register records shows this is likely 60 year old Sarah Corbit).

The situation of coloured people in the Chatham area, female inebriety, the effects of whiskey on Canadian judges are also covered in Brown's plea for justice for debtors.

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Many were children, thrown in jail for seemingly trivial offences, some were debtors.