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" data-reactid="31"Recommended: Why Doesn't America Kill Kim Jong Un?Pakistan does have to fear the potential of an Indian counterstrike intended to retaliate for a terrorist attack by Pakistani-aligned groups, such as the killing of 166 in Mumbai by Lashkar-e-Taiba in 2008 or the attack on Indian parliament in 2001 by Jaish-e-Muhammad.India’s military has formulated a “Cold Start” doctrine to enable its forward-deployed land forces to launch an armored assault into Pakistani territory on short notice in response to a perceived provocation from Islamabad.

Curious about the thinking behind his country’s nuclear program, I asked if he really believed there was a possibility that India would invade Pakistan.

“There’s still a lot of old-school thinkers in the Congress Party that believe India and Pakistan should be united,” he told me.

Many of the new weapons are smaller, short-range tactical weapons intended for targeting frontline troops.

To enable a second-strike capability, Pakistan has also empowered local commanders to launch retaliatory nuclear strikes in case the chain of command is disrupted.rapidly escalates to strategic weapons." data-reactid="38"While battlefield nuclear weapons are less likely to cause the mass civilian casualties that a strike against a densely populated city would produce, they are deeply worrying in their own way: a state may be more tempted to employ tactical nuclear weapons, and perceive doing so as being intrinsically less risky. Army to at first reorganize its tactical nuclear forces in the 1960s, and largely abandon them after the end of the Cold War.

A fifth could be drastically more costly, as their nuclear capabilities continue to grow and diversify.

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The  Arihant is capable of launching a dozen K-15  Sagarika submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

However, these are limited to a range of 750 kilometers, and are thus incapable of reaching the major inland cities of Pakistan or China, a shortcoming India is attempting to address with new K-4 missiles, derived form the land-based Agni-III.

Pakistan intelligence services have infiltrated insurgents and plotted attacks across the border for decades, and Indian security troops have been implicated in human-rights violations and killings of the locals as a result of their counterinsurgency operations.

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