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Follow the manual installation instructions for mac OS or Linux to update.

If you decide to uninstall the CLI, we're sorry to see you go.

If you installed a Docker image to use the earlier CLI version, remove that image and any associated containers.

You can then re-create the containers after installing the new Docker image as described in the install instructions.

If you do not want to add Microsoft's repositories, or are working with a distribution which does not have a provided package, you can manually install the CLI.

If you installed via the Azure CLI Installer (MSI) or a mac OS package, use the same tool to remove your install.

And even though many desktop Linux users feel much more comfortable installing packages through these intuitive graphical tools, there is no denying that command-line package management offers two excellent features not available in any graphical package management utility: power and speed.

One problem that many distro-hoppers and operating system enthusiasts encounter is having to master (or relearn) a set of package management commands each time they switch from one distribution group to another.Smart, originally developed by Conectiva, hasn't been in the news lately, but some users seem to prefer it over Mandriva's urpmi or open SUSE's zypper (it also supports Debian and Slackware-based systems).More recently it is Fedora's Package Kit that has been gaining momentum as a way to manage packages across distributions and architectures.Now included in many other distributions, Package Kit's pkgcon command-line utility is effectively a unified front-end to the native package management tools of Fedora, Ubuntu, open SUSE, Mandriva and other distributions. Gentoo's Portage is well-documented and widely used, but other distributions that are designed to be built from scratch don't often feature in the Linux media, so their package management systems are not particularly well-known.Sorcerer, which existed even before Gentoo Linux was conceived, uses Bash scripts to "cast spells" or download, install and compile packages.Sorcerer was later forked into Lunar Linux and Source Mage GNU/Linux, both of which are included in the table below.