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Sure, hanging out and hooking up is fun and comfortable. Notice how you feel when you're with him and when you're apart.

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In a more feminist dating era, it's time to throw some of these old dating "rules" out the window. This arrangement keeps you both involved from a distance so neither of you ever shows true vulnerability. When you first meet a guy and really like him, don't get caught up in the chemistry, his good looks or his smooth-talking ways.This could even cause resentment on the guy's end, leading to some relationship awkwardness.So if you both make about the same amount of money, split the bill while you're splitting that large pizza.But when you stick only to these kinds of typical gender roles, men get to feel like men, and women get to feel like women., we also live in the year 2017, and literally, what does any of this mean anyway?

Gender is absolutely fluid, and the idea that I can never call a man or make a spontaneous plan with him seems a bit insane.When we rely on old-school gender roles in relationships, it doesn't always allow men to tap into their emotions fully.By getting rid of old gender roles, men are allowed to be vulnerable and open up emotionally.But if your hang outs are a good mix of spontaneity and planned-out dates, then last-minute plans are not only fine, but they can be fun.I'm old-fashioned in my belief that, on the first date, I like the guy to pay.I tried to practice the traditional rules in a relationship once, and the guy broke up with me, claiming "he was doing all the work here." And you know what? There's a difference between establishing boundaries in a relationship (and making a guy earn your affection) and giving all of your power away.