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#elopement A photo posted by Aimee Mullins (@aimeemullinsnyc) on Wedding bouquet being made the night before at my favorite corner flower stand..bad I forgot to bring it with me to the actual wedding.#nerves A photo posted by Aimee Mullins (@aimeemullinsnyc) on The Thistles - our secret wedding gang!

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She was also named one of PEOPLE’s “Most Beautiful” in 1999. The 34-year-old British actor, who plays Peter Quinn on the Showtime spy series, and his fiancée revealed recently that they got married last month—and eloped!In addition to Rupert and Mullins, the couple were only joined by a female friend and Rupert’s “oldest friend,” who ordained the wedding.Friend and the former Paralympic athlete announced their engagement news at L’Or al Paris’s Women of Worth awards in December 2014.She was also named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People In The World by US magazine, People.

Aimee, who was born without fibula bones, has said: ‘It takes some women till their 30s or even 40s to realise that what makes them beautiful is not what makes them the same as everyone else, but what sets them apart. ‘First I had to accept that I wasn’t normal, and then I learned that what I had been told would be a weakness wasn’t.

Aimee was born with medical condition fibular hemimelia (missing fibula bones), resulting in the amputation of both of her lower legs and has since become a prominent speaker on the topic of prosthetic innovation'Quinn is severely damaged,' Levine said.

On Tuesday night at the L'Oréal Paris Women Of Worth Awards in New York, the host of the event gave the 38-year-old Paralympic athlete and motivational speaker a 'congratulatory shout-out when calling her up to the stage, which prompted a ton of applause from the audience,' a source told People.

Viewers will likely find the movie emotional on two levels, because the story itself has tragic elements and because its release marks the end of a decade-long film series.

Even though the actors finished filming the movie more than a year ago, they said there were still scenes in "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" that made them fight back tears.

Reverand @edatkinsdiet married @aimeemullinsnyc and @rupertfriend on May 1 - one of the most beautiful days of our lives! #loverules #elopement #justlove #bestfriends #thegang #playpool #wedding A photo posted by Betony Vernon (@betonyvernon) on The #Bride beat the whole #gang on her #wedding night!