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The baggage handing company at Stansted said it did not believe any theft could have taken place there due to the speed at which the ­luggage came off the plane and the fact the area was covered by CCTV, while the company in Norway, from where he had taken off, denied responsibility.

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Every now and then, even Ryan Seacrest needs a vacation.

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Among those in a group of Seacrest’s friends who made the trip?

They kept their relationship on the down-low for awhile, but in recent months Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have been far more open about the fact that yes, they are dating. With such full schedules, it's hard to imagine how Ryan and Julianne find time to hang out.

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“We’re both very passionate about our families too, so we definitely make the time for them. I’m always traveling, so it just kind of works out.”Ryan Seacrest seems to work 24/7 — he hosts a morning radio program, produces a variety of Kardashian reality shows, and hosts she made a popular country album and she's recently gotten into acting — she stars in the upcoming Footloose remake, which hits theaters on October 14.

“We’re both really motivated and driven by what we love and what we’re passionate about,” Julianne has said.A Border Force spokesman said: ‘The searching of baggage, ­including when the owner is not present, is a legal and proportionate response to ensuring illegal goods are prevented from entering the UK and ­protecting revenue.’Fly to the U.and the chance of your luggage being searched is far higher, something ­regular ­visitors will know.Max and Emma met when they worked together in a comedy drama movie called Harriet and the spy.After breaking up with Pettyfer, Emma Roberts started dating Ryan Sheckler in 2008.In 2011, it was rumored that Emma was dating Chace Crawford.